At Home Laser Hair Removal

While hair removal is a personal choice, many of us prefer the relative ease and smoothness that comes from the lack of hair in strategic areas of our body.However, where regular waxing can be painful and shaving can be exhausting, a new solution is gaining momentum – at home laser hair removal. This seems ideal – with minimal risks involved, it is a great way to get excellent (and permanent) results in a short time. Unfortunately, the regular visits to the dermatologist can prove pretty expensive and cost you in thousands. This has made many people reconsider this other wise perfect option. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, and maybe permanent hair removal just isn’t worth all that.
However, things have taken a turn for the better with the advent of home laser hair removal devices. It allows you to get professional results from the comforts of your house, and that too with minimal inconvenience. So as this gained popularity, there have also been various restrictions upon the devices to ensure the safety of the user. After all, most women who indulge in it aren’t pros, so there need to be some strict guidelines to ensure that the end results won’t leave you in shock. But the best part about these machines is that they will save you thousands. No more will you need to pay for the overpriced sessions at your doctor’s office – just bring this beauty treatment home and do it yourself.

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at home laser hair removal
at home laser hair removal

At Home Laser Hair Removal Products

Best Selling At Home Laser Hair Removal

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

The first FDA-cleared laser available for home use, the Hair Removal Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists to target and permanently disable the hair follicle for permanent results.

Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

You will begin seeing results and visibly smoother skin within just a few weeks of starting your treatments.

Silk'n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device

Silk'n Flash & Go with the new 5000 Flashes cartridge installed is an innovative, FDA-cleared, light-based device for permanent hair removal on the body, all in the comfort of your own home.

LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device, Full Body

LumaRx Full Body is an at-home, IPL hair removal system that has been cleared by the FDA for permanent reduction of body and female facial hair. With a 3cm2 treatment window and 65,000 flashes, the Full-Body device is ideal for larger areas of use and more intensive treatments

Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System

Experience touchably smooth skin every day with Veet Infini'Silk, the FDA-cleared IPL hair removal device for both women and men designed to give you Veet's longest lasting, smooth skin. Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System for Home Use harnesses the same technology found in clinics and salons.


If you are looking for a safe, fast and painless solution to unwanted hair with lasting results, the Philips Lumea is the ultimate choice. Using Advanced Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL), Lumea offers one solution to replace traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators.

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One of the beauty trends of today is hair removal. This is especially so among the women who want to dress up in a certain way. Having smooth armpits is fashionable, sexy and appealing to people today. No one wants to be in those embarrassing situations where you look unkempt or unpresentable. As such, there are many ways in which you can perform hair removal effectively and safely. One of these ways is by using a laser hair removal machine. This is an appliance that uses flashes of laser light that eliminate hair from the skin. They are effective, safe and their effects are extremely long lasting. Read on to learn about the 10 best laser hair removal machines today.

The Tria laser 4X hair removal machine

This is an ideal machine to use if you desire precision hair removal. It can be used on the face, bikini area as well as the underarms. The flashes from this machine are strong enough to get rid of the finest hairs. After using this machine twice, you will notice that the hairs have reduced by up to 70%. After using it the third time, you will notice a complete reduction of the hairs in the areas where you use it. This machine does not need a new cartridge and is rechargeable. Thus, it is easy to maintain. As such, it is very convenient. Moreover, it is cordless and is contoured such that it reaches into the sensitive areas such as the bikini line. For $400 to $600, this machine is great value for money.

The Remington IPL6000 ILight Pro Plus Quartz

The most attractive quality of this machine is that it is very affordable. It can be used on the chest, back, legs and bikini parts too. It has a larger laser head. As a result, it can cover large areas faster. You need fewer strokes to cover large parts like the back and the legs too. You can use the machine for a long time without worrying about recharging it. You can use it for up to 2 hours continuously without needing to recharge it. This machine has been adjusted by Remington such that it is more powerful than most of the other machines in the market. As such, you only need 4 flashes per square inch to get rid of hair.

The Remington ILight Pro Plus is capable of producing 30, 000 flashes. As such, it is super effective. This machine allows you to get rid of the hair on your body with less irritation or discomfort. To fully enjoy the benefits of this machine, you need to perform 3 body treatments every week with machine. You can enjoy effective laser removal with the Remington for $349. It is important to know that you need to replace the quartz in the machine every year. The quartz costs $80 to $90 to replace. However, a single quartz is enough for the normal lifetime use of the Remington ILight Pro Plus.

Bellalite by Silk’n

This is a machine that is designed such that it can be used by both men and women. The machine utilizes a form of technology that is known as the Home Pulsed Light (HPL). This technology results in very effective removal of hair. When you buy this machine, you are able to benefit from 3 laser lamp cartridges. One of these is already installed in the machine while the other two are for replacement purposes. The machine has a large lamp surface area. As such, you can easily cover large areas of your body per treatment. It is so effective that you can remove all the hair from your leg in less than 30 minutes. The pulse light from the Bellalite is gentle. Thus, you can use it without experiencing any discomfort.

This machine is so effective that it is regularly suggested by a good number of dermatologists in the health industry. This is because it is easy to use for hair removal at home. It will work for people of various ages and for various types of skin too. It is priced at $240 to $250. Thus, it is pretty affordable for most buyers. The extra quartz cartridges are added tot he package so that you can go for 6 months without needing to go to the shop for any more cartridges. It can cover large areas per stroke. Thus, you don’t need to use it for a long time to enjoy its benefits. This saves you time, effort and power.

Silk’n SN-002 Sensepil Handheld machine

If you desire comfort and convenience as you get rid of the hair on your body, this is the ideal device for you. The Sensepil is designed to fit in your hand easily and comfortably. It is approved by the FDA for use at home for the purpose of hair removal. It is easy to set up to use for hair removal. The new design is very attractive and available in hot pink color. As such, it is ideal for use by ladies. It has a single lamp cartridge. Moreover, when you buy this machine, you get a DVD in the pack to help you learn how to use it. It is important to note that the Silk’n SN-002 Sensepil is not ideal for use by people who have dark skin. It is also not suitable use by people whose hair is light in color.

If you fit the profile above, then this machine will give you amazing results. You can experience up to 75% hair removal and reduction when you use it. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in the bikini area. It is also very effective for hair removal on the upper legs. A major disadvantage of this device is that the laser cartridge gets depleted fairly quickly. The Sensepil does not come with any extra cartridges in the pack after you buy it. On the other hand, its main advantage is that it is very affordable. For less than $200, you can get this compact, effective hair removal device.

Tanda Me Smooth Professional machine

This is a diamond in the rough when it comes to laser hair removal machines. It will effectively eliminate light and blonde hair from the body. It is superbly effective in terms of permanently getting rid of hair from the legs and the bikini line too. It has a large laser window. This means that you can cover large areas with fewer strokes. It is housed in a large unit. This unit performs the job of recharging the device. According to critics, the Tanda Me Smooth is an effective machine for its purpose. It is quite affordable too. For $395 to $595, you can get this amazing machine.

The Tria Precision Laser

Sometimes you want to get rid of the hair in some of the most sensitive areas on your body. A good example of such an area is the bikini line. To really get into these areas, you can use the Tria Precision laser machine. This machine is compact, luxurious and ergonomic. It is easy to hold and direct into the hard to reach areas. The Tria Precision Laser measures half a foot long and is white in color. You can use this beautiful wand to get rid of hair from all your sensitive parts. It will get rid of them without leaving any dark spots. It will completely eliminate body hair. After using it thrice, you will see that it can effectively leave your skin smooth and clean. If you are looking for something compact and effective, then this is the right device for you.

The Philips Lumea

This is a hair removal machine from the world famous electronics brand Philips. It is shaped such that you can hold its handle and direct the laser window to your body. It is silver-white in color. Moreover, the laser window is 3 centimeters wide. One of the main advantages of this machine is that it has extremely long battery life. You can easily use this machine for up to half an hour continuously. As such, you can remove all the hair from your entire leg on one charge. When you buy this amazing machine, you can be sure that you will enjoy great performance. Moreover, this machine has very high quality build too. If you desire a machine that will perform and last for along time, the Philips Lumea is the one to get.

The Veet Infini’Silk Pro

Manufactured by world renown hair removal products company Veet, this is a super machine to get. It makes use of IPL technology. It is approved by the FDA. Moreover, it makes use of the same technology found in the laser removal machines that are in salons and clinics. This means that when you buy this machine, you are able to benefit from state of the art technology. If can be used on any part of the body. This means that you can use the Veet Infini’Silk Pro to remove hair from your under-arms, forearms, legs, chest, back and even your bikini line. It is unisex machine. As such, both men and women can use this machine. It has many admirable features. These include sensors for the skin color and for skin contact. Moreover, it has 5 different levels for energy and operates with a power cord.

If you want your skin to be smooth, touchable with no hair at all, the Veet Infini’Silk Pro will deliver the results you want. After 4 or 5 treatments, you will realize that you can go for up to 6 months without the hair growing back. For $248.48, you can buy this machine and enjoy the benefits that it offers you.

Panasonic IPL Hair removal system

If you dream about smooth arms, armpits and legs, this is the device that you should invest in. The machine has a power rating of 240 volts. It is also fitted with automatic voltage switching. As such, it remains effective throughout your hair removal session. It is rechargeable. This eliminates the need for cables and cords as you use the machine. You only need to charge it for 3 hours to get a full charge. After that, you can use it for up to 30 minutes to get rid of hair on your body. It is designed such that you use it for even the most private areas on your body. It is shaped like a wand. As such, you can get rid of hair from even the most hard to reach areas of the body. It has 5 power settings. As such, you can decide how much effect you want from the device as you use it. It is also quite compact when you hold it. For $202.21, you can get this compact, effective laser hair removal device.

Iwoo Female Professional Precision

Designed specially for women and ladies, this is an effective laser hair removal device. It is pink in color and is designed to look like a pill. It is small, compact and discreet. You don’t need to apply any hair removal gel so as to use this device. It also does not cause you any irritation, pain or discomfort. You don’t need any sort of chemicals so as to get the best results from this device. It is easy to carry and will effectively get rid of even the thickest hair. The Iwoo Precision Laser is very fashionable. As such, you don’t need to feel shy while carrying it in your bag. After 5 sessions of using this device, you will realize 100% hair removal. It can be sued for various types of hair. It will get rid of dark, colored and blonde hair too. It is effective for both dark and light skin. Moreover, you can use this device to get rid of any hair on various types of skin. So if you have oily, dry or sensitive skin, this device will serve you properly. You can also use it on various parts of your body. It is suitable for use on your arms, legs, bikini area, back and chest too. It is easy to use, does not cause discomfort and delivers a great experience. For $67.90, you can get this